MIKE Powered by DHI Software as a Service

Welcome to the MIKE SaaS Portal. This portal gives you access to running MIKE software on hardware operated by amazon.com. You can sign up for SaaS even if you don’t hold a MIKE License or have a valid SMA.

Getting started is easy, simply follow these steps:

1. Register as a MIKE SaaS user through the Registration link.

2. When your registration has been completed, login using your user id and password.

Detailed instructions and information on the process can be found in the MIKE SaaS Step by Step Guide.

When you have selected the hardware and the MIKE package that you need, the service fee per hour will be calculated. When you have accepted the fee, you will be able to access the ready virtual PC with the installed MIKE software within a few minutes. You will automatically be charged the hourly fee until you actively terminate your use of the virtual PC.

The MIKE SaaS Client Agreement is provided when you first contact DHI about SaaS, or can be accessed by contacting your local DHI Office or mike@dhigroup.com. Please read the Client Agreement carefully and note in particular Section 7.2 "No refunds of Service Fees".

MIKE SaaS includes technical support, provided that your company has a Service and Maintenance (SMA) Agreement for the relevant product being used, see Section 6 of the Client Agreement. MIKE SaaS is unsupported if you do not have a valid SMA.